Welcome to the gallery page. Here is where you are going to find photos of the work that we have done with our different clients. We have worked with many different types of businesses and industries, but something never changes and that is our consistent ability to give our customers what they want. When you are looking through our gallery, you will find photos of roofs that we have saved, restored, and brought back to safety. Here, at Flat Roof Pro’s, we work hard to insure our customers confidence in what we do. We are focused on creating solutions that our customers need so that they have a roof that protects and functions without leaks or falling apart.

Hard work and dedication is what makes Flat Roof Pros be what it is today. You will find that throughout our different franchises in the country, one thing is throughout the entire company, and that is focus and determination to deliver a product and service that is so good no one would not want to use us. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and you want to get into contact with our team, please give us a call at (614) 689-0077 or fill out our form on this website. That will be how we can begin your journey to getting a new roof that will outlast you.

Our roofs are so good because of the products that we choose to you. Our product has been approved by NASA because that use it on the launching pads for the space shuttles. It is so sturdy that use it to not have the concrete melt underneath the space shuttle before it takes off. If you are struggling to find a roofer that is able to shut down leaks and keep seams from separating, look no further than your Flat Roof Pro’s. We are specialized in this area. We have done the research it takes to get a phenomenal product so that the frustration stops. Experience no more leaky roofs or seams separating with you go with us.

Other things that you will find on our gallery page are our drone footage. These are really cool and something you will definitely want to check out. This footage has been taken during the process of our guys doing what we do best. You will be able to see how we make your roof clean, strong, and ready for any weather. There are different videos of different roofs that we have worked on many different sizes. You will be able to get a great idea of what we do because of the different shots that he drone is able to get versus a normal camera. If you desire to see more detail, this is the action you will want to click on.

We are different than most roofing companies because we are honest. Everything that we do is geared towards making sure that our customers are completely taken care of. From the moment of our initial phone conversation to the finished product of our room, we will be honest and transparent with what is going on with your roof. Being in the industry for as many years as we have, we have come to discover how many roofers are not trying to give their customers the best services they can. Instead of telling them what is really going on, they will make up go up on your roof to do an assessment and make up problems that aren’t really there. Flat Roof Pros is always honest and full of integrity.

Because we are a franchise across America, we have many different resources to guarantee your satisfaction. When it comes to someone checking into our company or curious, we always want to encourage people to checkout our Google reviews. You are able to go onto Google and checkout what other people are saying about us so that you are not just reading all of this and taking our word for it. Of course, we are going to be telling your all of the wonderful things that we have to offer and who we are, but we want to make sure that you hear it from someone else. Forbes says that people trust a review as much as they would trust hearing it from a friend. Go and checkout our Google reviews or you are able to go to our testimonials page to read reviews or watch video testimonials.

Regardless of how you find out more information about us, make sure that you get into contact with us next. You are able to call us at ­(614) 689-0077 or you are able to fill out the form on our website. Whichever way you prefer to get into contact with us, know that one of our amazing team members will be giving you a call back within the next 24 hours. When you get a phone call, we will have a couple of questions regarding the project and then we will schedule one of our roofing specialists to come out and give you your free inspection. Once your inspection is complete, we will create a quote for you. After you have approved and signed the quote, than the work will begin!

Throughout your time working with us, you will discover that we really are different than our competition. Communication will be an important part of the entire process. You will know exactly what we are going and we will not sneak in any hidden fees. We will always communicate with you what is that we will be doing. If there is a surprise, as in a problem that only go revealed after we started working that was not seen on the inspection, we will always call you to make sure you want us to go ahead and fix it, because that could change the total of the bottom line. Again, we are very dedicated to making sure you get the best roofing service. Again, give us a call at (614) 689-0077 or fill out a form on this site and we will get your project started.