People often ask us at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio, who are our founders of the company! Flat Roof Pros originally started back in 2008 by a group of brothers Igor Paul and Vlad! Together they strive to give customers the best roofing experience in the business! The three of them started out working residential house together and they built a reputation without advertising the passions move bigger and the dreams only were bigger as the company began to grow. The ultimate goal was to do a high class commercial roofing and to also continue to operate in the residential industry but they wanted to improve the business and set a new standard in the industry for the quality of the installation process and the way they treat their customers.

In the years and years of roofing experience that we have now gathered we have noticed that roofs tend to fail rather quickly and most of the time they don’t even last half lifespan that the manufacturer had designed the roof to last. A multitude of factors that goes into effecting the construction of the roof but one of the biggest factors in the Roofs failure is lack of maintenance over time. Our main purpose in the company is to save our customers lots of time and vast amounts of money in the long run which will basically allow them to reinvest their finances into their families and to the businesses to live lives of luxury that they desire.

Our company is the highest rated customer service roof contracting business in the state of Ohio. Don’t take hours for look up our Google reviews in our company is posted on our website five customer testimonials to get a feel for yourself of the services we can provide you. Our biggest obstacle in building our business has been finding the right people to work for us which are highly motivated and are meticulous about the task at hand. A huge asset in growing our company has been our 20 year workmanship warranty. This warranty guarantees our customer 20 years warranty over there and gives them peace of mind and helps build trust between us and them for a long lasting relationship into the future. We are the very best at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio!

Here at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio, we offer a multitude of services including repair and restoration as well as installation for your roof and we also perform routine and regular maintenance. Studies actually shows that around 80% of roofs will fail prematurely mainly due to the roof membrane being installed incorrectly. Do not follow that 80% category make sure you work with Flat Roof Contractor Ohio pros to assure yourself peace of mind into shares of the 20 year warranty on the roof you are installing on your personal property or commercial risk.

Please visit our website online at and make sure you check out online gallery to get a better the services we provide what we can do for you at your home or commercial property. You can also give us a call anytime at 614-689-0077 and will happily answer any and all questions you have and go to any questions you have about warranties to make sure you understand to the fullest extent.

Do You Want A Reliable Flat Roof Contractor Ohio To Protect Your Home?

How do we here at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio solve problems? Simply by asking our customers what they need solved! The best place to gather information is from the customer themselves. Gives us a call today so we can get out to your property and start your free 18 point inspection on your roof as soon as possible. Here at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio pros we assure you that we will get the job done the right way the first time out. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and without happy customer there is no happy business.

The biggest service we provide here is repair and restoration. One of our most popular services is our restoration service and it will take us half the cost and half the time to restore your roof rather than to install a brand-new roof. This process will restore the integrity of your roof and will also extend the lifeline of your roof. We design a product that specifically adheres to the existing roof membrane of your roof and is designed specifically for this purpose to assure nothing will go wrong. Reroofing costs an extravagant amount of money and people don’t normally plan for it until it’s too late! The process of restoring your roof is much more simple and is also much less expensive than traditionally redoing your roof as a whole. During this process we don’t actually remove your existing but we simply repair clean and then apply flexible silicone liquid at 36 mm thickness. This silicone comes in liquid form and is used as a waterproof protection layer over the top of your roof.

Using a silicone coating is the number one choice for building owners in America. Just a few reasons is one assistance they completely cheaper option than reroofing and Hall and it will give you the same lifetime expectancy and you also receive the same warranty as you would with a brand-new roof. Silicone is the easy fix when repairing any damages or holes or potential leaks to your roof and it’s also easy to clean. We are the very best at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio dont forget it!

When you buy a new car you ignored maintenance? How about if you bought a new motorcycle would you ignored maintenance on it? Maybe just maybe you bought a new boat would you ignore the maintenance on that? The answer to all of these questions is very obvious. No!!! Of course you wouldn’t ignore the maintenance on all these brand-new things you just purchased. So why in the world would you ignore the maintenance on the brand-new roof that you just purchased? Easy answer is you wouldn’t! Take care of the things that are important to you such as your home especially if you have a family!

Please visit our website anytime at and be sure to visit our online gallery to get a better clue of the services we can provide for you at your home or commercial property. You can also give us a call anytime at 614-689-0077 and will happily answer all your questions about warranties or any of the services that we provide.