Here at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio, we often hear why should we choose you? One reason to choose us over the other guys in town is because we are a family oriented company. Our core values and company cultures will consistently sets us apart from the other guys. We consistently go above and beyond our customers expectations to assure our customers greatest satisfaction. There’s simply no the roofing company in the business and are that you should consider choosing over us. We Are The highest rated and we have the reviews to prove it!

One of our biggest obstacles in Starting the business was finding the right people to work with you happened be driven also but take this at the same time. We need people that are willing to get the job done right the first time to assure that we will not have to be sent back out our company money fixing issues that you divided and fixed the first time for the client. Having the right people on the team having the right people on the job is the biggest asset to the company and that is true for all companies not just for companies. We are the very best at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio!

Lets Talk a little bit about roof maintenance. Most studies show us that 80% of roofs will fail prematurely mainly due to the cost of being installed incorrectly and not receiving proper maintenance. This is where our carefree roof maintenance plan comes into play to help extend the life of the roof and it also will save you money and save you time down the road. When working with us you will always receive peace of mind knowing that the issues you have at hand will be corrected and taking care of and that the repairs will be done the right way the first time.

Most contractors will fail to tell you that the original warranty on the roof is voided when maintenance is not logged in and kept up. So in most cases this leaves the building owner completely on their own and are not able to claim anything if the roof fell in any circumstance. Just like when you have to maintain your car maintain your roof is also quite a similar process. There are fundamental factors which can help protect you and help protect your most valuable asset of your home which is your roof. When working with us we will give you peace of mind twice per year once in the fall and once in the spring we will come by to inspect and clean your gutters and to assure your roof is holding up his part of the deal!

Please give us a call anytime at 614-689-0077 if you have any questions at all about the services we provide or the warranties we offer. You can also visit our website online anytime at and be sure to check out online gallery to get a better idea of the services we can provide for you your residential home or commercial business property. We are the very best at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio!

Can The Flat Roof Contractor Ohio Do The Job Quickly?

We only hire the best and the brightest at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio! Our professionals are trained and licensed and receive new training on a weekly basis to ensure the highest customer satisfaction possible. This is what makes us unique! This process allows us to catch any flaws on our installation process or any techniques that we may use and we can go on to gain a greater understanding from a to train our people. Don’t forget about us at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio!

Give us a call today so we can get out to your property to give you your free 18 point inspection as soon as possible. We will make it out to your property twice a year to give you peace of mind when maintaining your roof once in the fall and once in the spring. When we come out to your property to inspect and clean the membrane we are also going to clean your gutters which will help keep your roof intact and keep its integrity strong. If we happen to discover any separations at all then we will perform those repairs at no additional cost to you. The last time that you had to worry about your roof potentially leaking all over now is more time you get to spend with your family or with your business.

Theres a multitude of reasons why a leak may potentially appear in your roof that we can take care of all these. No matter the size of your roof or the size or building it usually cost us about half the price and we get it done in half the time compared to other companies in the area. Our restoration and repair process will restore the integrity and extend the life of your roof. The process of restoring a flat roof is much simpler and much less expensive than a traditional reroof situation. Trust our experts to get the job done for you right way on the first visit.

To find out where your leak may be coming from we first have to inspect the inside of your roof to see if any additional repairs need to be done and we will also perform a thermal scan of your roof to see if there are any additional trouble spots that need fixing. After taking a thorough detailed look at your roof we will begin looking for signs of malfunction such as holes in the roof for any punctures or tears that could be caused by minor foot traffic. Punctures usually take place from routine maintenance by AC service guys dropping screws or sharp pointed tools.

Please visit our website today to learn a little bit about more of what we can do for you and your residential home or commercial property don’t forget to check out our home on to get a better image of the services we can provide you. You can also call us anytime at 614-689-0077 for any of your questions about our services or the warranties we offer. We are the very best at Flat Roof Contractor Ohio!