About Us

My name is Alex Koyev and I’m the owner of Flat Roof Pros Inc here in Columbus, OH. I am a father to five beautiful children and married to best friend since 2006. I am originally from Oregon and grew up as a big fan of the Chicago Bulls, not the Trailblazers in Oregon. My family and I moved to Ohio to start this branch of Flat Roof Pros. This branch is the first branch across the Mississippi River, which started in 2017. Flat Roof Pros started back in 2008 by three brothers, Igor, Paul, and Vlad. They started out roofing residential houses and built a reputation without advertising. Their passion was bigger than only doing residential housing. Their drive was to better the way roofing is done in the industry, from the quality of installation to the nuts and bolts of how things are to operate in the business. Being organized is a priority which in turn results in productivity and satisfied customers.

Over the years of roofing, we have noticed that roofs failed rather quickly, barely lasting half the life span of what the manufacturer has designed the membrane to last. There are a few factors causing that effect, one of which is Lack of maintenance! So the idea was to build a national brand that everyone recognized and trusted for quality, performance and lasting roofs that would, in turn, save our customers massive amounts of money in the long run, and allow them to invest those finances into their lives and their families. When starting a new company in town, the biggest struggle is that nobody knows about you, your reputation as a person, or your company name. Like with anything else, you find those who take your word for it and in turn are very happy with the work and quality! And it’s those satisfied customers who write great reviews and later refer you to others, and that’s what we strive for! If you are reading this, I would encourage you to go to our Google Business Listing and go see what our customers are saying about us, our work, and their satisfaction of the product.

My biggest obstacle in starting the business has been finding the right people who are meticulous and driven to get the job done right the first time. I have found that it is hard to find people who understand the leadership and have the same vision as we do. Having the right people on our team is the biggest asset, and that is true in any company that wants to build a brand. We are always looking for people who have the same core values as we do, the drive to doing a great job, and a dedication to the job. There is a Joke amongst the supervisors and crew leaders: “What is the difference between a checker and a roofer?” “There are those who learn the trade for the purpose of collecting a check every two weeks, and there are those that are true roofers at heart desiring quality and production, which in turn do get a great reward (a check). We are wanting to grow and expand our brand, and to do that, we are looking for quality in character to build with. If you are currently looking for a roofing contractor that specializes in flat roofs, we are who you want to call. With how we do our roofs, we are able to bring in a product and service that is a roof that will last longer and saves you money at the bottom line. Our products outperform all other roofing companies, because our product is maintenance-free, we have a 20-year manufacturers warranty, and a 20-year workmanship warranty. The elasticity is far greater than the elasticity of our competitors, and over time has proven itself for over 5 decades. The elasticity will move and stretch with your roof, and the expansion and contraction with the building over time. Weather can affect your building. Cold and heat causes your building to move, and our product will not crack with the movement of the building. Therefore, there is no chance for leaks to happen or become an issue. On top of that, we inspect our work 3 months after the initial installation, and 2 consecutive years following. That allows us to catch any flaws in our installation processes and techniques, and use that to learn from it and train our people.

I am passionate about helping my customers because I see a lot of poorly built roofs that need repairing and I find joy in getting it done right for my customers. Any time I see a poorly built roof I immediately get frustrated because that communicates to me that whoever built or repaired the roof only did it for the money. I am dedicated to helping my customers with their future and protecting their investments, in turn, this will help them down the road. Sadly, 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely due to incorrect installation or lack of maintenance. At Flat Roof Pros Inc, we are dedicated to making sure your installation is done right and that we reduce your maintenance cost on your building. Contact us today so that you can get our no brainer offer of a Free Estimate and Free Inspection report. From the time that you call us, to the time that we come out and do our free estimate and free inspection, you will find that you will be completely satisfied with your service from us, and love the results of your product. We are very attentive to detail throughout the whole process. Making sure that every part of the work is being done correctly while also making sure that you, our customer, are being taken care of and all of your expectations are being met. A motto that we go by is “Embrace humility, minimize resistance!” Once you embrace humility, you will minimize resistance even from your enemies. We have this motto to create our environment and culture within our company. If Warren Buffet (American business magnate, investor, who is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) embraced humility and was successful, then you know that the team at Flat Roof Pros will.