About Flat Roof LLC

My name is Alex Koyev and I’m the owner of Flat Roof LLC in both Columbus, OH and Portland, OR branches. I have been married to my best friend Liza since 2006, and we have five beautiful children, two boys and three girls. I am originally from Salem, Oregon and grew up as a big fan of the Chicago Bulls, sadly not the Trailblazers! 

When I found out about my father who lived in the state of Ohio at the time that he was diagnosed with a deadly sickness called liver cirrhosis. Hearing this news, I moved my young family to Columbus, Ohio so that my wife (who is a nurse) could take care of my father while he was waiting to get on the list for a liver transplant at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. Later on that year my father was fortunate to have a transplant done successfully, thanks to the amazing skill and knowledge of the whole team at the Wexner Center. After that, we decided to stay in the great city of Columbus. I have been around new construction since I was a teenager and have picked up skills and knowledge to perform well in most of the trades I have learned. 

I started out roofing and repairing residential houses. As my exposure grew, so did my knowledge of a great need for quality and performance in the commercial market. When inspecting commercial buildings, I’ve noticed that in the case of many repairs I had seen from other companies, the quality of work was compromised. My motto for myself (which is now our company’s motto) has always been “NO COMPROMISE!” Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all. Don’t cut corners. That is how I was taught as a child, and the people who surrounded me, had that internal integrity which influenced me in a great way. As the number of happy customers grew, so did our 5 star reviews on Google. Our uncompromising performance in our work has built confidence in both our customers and our manufacturers! Flat Roof LLC and the responsible managing individuals of our company intend to keep it that way. Systems and methods are developed with our motto in mind, starting with the hiring process, how we select people to the equipment and material we use, our intent is for quality, performance and customer service to stay top notch and continue to become one of Ohio’s highly rated roofing contractors. 

Over the years in the commercial roofing market, we noticed that roofs fail prematurely, barely lasting half of the life span. Manufacturers have designed the membrane and all the components of the system to last 15-30 years depending on the thickness of the membrane you purchase, and if taken care of properly, roofs sometimes last longer than that. Flat Roof LLC proudly offers a Roof Maintenance Program to keep your roof top notch every year and your gutters free of debris.

There are a couple factors causing roof failure:

  1. Lack of maintenance! After a new flat roof has been installed, the manufacturer in their fine print requires for building owners to maintain their roof by keeping it clean, inspecting seams, inside corners and outside corners, curbs and terminations once per year and documenting anything that could be failing and recording it in a log book, only then the roof continues to be under warranty. A great example is: When you buy a brand new vehicle, you have to maintain it by changing the oil, rotating tires, washing your car etc. when buying a roof from Flat Roof LLC, you get un-compromised service. If anything happens within the years that the roof is warranted, we come out and take care of it for you headache free. Our company is known for our great reviews and unfailing response to our customers’ urgent needs.
  2. Extreme weather conditions have an enormous effect on flat roofs, or any roof for that matter. Freezing and thawing, expansion and contraction cause great damage to a roof even if it has been installed correctly, but the effects of the weather are even more damaging to a roof that has been compromised to begin with.

 We don’t just build all types of roofs, we specialize specifically in flat single ply membrane and low slope metal roofing. You can rest assured we are the right company for the job.

Flat Roof LLC is passionate about helping our customers because of so many poorly built roofs that need attention and repairing, and we find joy in getting it done right for our customers. Our company is dedicated to helping building owners with their future and protecting and prolonging their investment. 

Sadly, 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely due to improper installation or lack of maintenance. Flat roofs require annual check ups and cleaning of debris and other foreign material that might end up on there. Dust, leaves, branches and other particles are elevated on to the roof by the wind. Especially if your building is near a factory of other manufacturing plants that produce lots of exhaust of various particles that could be harmful to your roof if they accumulate in the corners and clog drains and scuppers which in turn will cause water intrusion into the building by ice or water backing up.

At Flat Roof LLC, we are dedicated to a “No Compromise” mentality and making sure your install is done right the first time protecting the inside of your building from water damage. A proper install helps reduce your maintenance cost on your commercial building, or any building. Contact us today to get our Free Inspection Report worth of up to $750 depending on the size of the building, and a Free Estimate. From the time that you call us, to the time that we come out and do our free inspection and free estimate, you will find that you will be completely satisfied with our service from the start. You will enjoy working with our friendly staff through the whole process, and will love the results of your great looking roof guarantee! 

We are very attentive to detail throughout. Making sure that every part of the work is being done correctly while also making sure that you, our customer, are being taken care of and all of your expectations are being met. Our motto is “NO COMPROMISE!” We have this motto to govern our employees mentality and our installation, creating an environment and a culture within our company.

Our services and offers make sense! Try us out by taking advantage of our no brainer offer for a “FREE Inspection Report” and a “Free Estimate.”

Call us today at 614-689-0077 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to start the process.